12 years ago, I gained admission to study Banking and Finance in one of the state universities in Nigeria. 

My 2 roommates were studying Botany and were also in their first year.

We all started well in year one and had very high scores in our examinations.


By year two however, Toyin’s grades (one of my roommates) began to dwindle. 

We got worried about his “crashing grades” and tried to offer him some advice but he was kind of deep into odd thoughts about generating money independently. 

He started losing interest in school work.

He always told us he never planned to study Botany but after 4 years of failing “almighty JAMB” as we called it then, he was offered a course he had little or no enthusiasm for. 

He said he was studying a course he wasn’t interested in and that he didn’t think he was going to learn anything useful about becoming financially independent.

While in school, Toyin began to spend more and more of his time and money in books and trainings that talked about making money or doing business. 


He completely lost interest in his studies and became totally distracted. 

His grades continued to deep dive and eventually, he left school after our first semester- year 3. He couldn’t finish school with us.


After our final exams, my other roommate and I graduated with a second class upper division.  


I started my banking career and got my master’s degree after a while. 

I initially found it quite interesting and promising with high hope for a better future.

Then life began to slip away so quickly, sometimes filled with regrets due to prior plans put in place which were not met. 

I kept counting the years go by in my static position and only looking forward to the credit alert I would receive by month-end. 

I wasn’t making enough money to sustain and enjoy life the way I would love to. 

I was always admired from a distance because of my overall outlook but behind the curtain, it was a life of insecurity filled with debts.


I wake up each day and go to work hoping that my employer will increase my salary and that I would not be fired. It was a scary thing seeing some of my colleagues who lost their jobs and it’s almost like hell for them.

I had become a frustruated nigerian banker.

I was tired of my job and all my effort to looking out of my bank for better opportunities proved abortive. 

I found myself stuck on the job and constantly felt like a caged bird who didn't have any choice and was being remotely controlled at will.

I had become a broke and frustruated Nigerian banker who consistently worried about money issues


By then, I had totally lost contact with my roommates in school.

Then it happened a year ago when I stumbled upon Toyin online and we connected for old time’s sake.

I couldn’t believe what he had become. His life had completely changed for the better!

He was now a famous, highly successful entrepreneur and marketing expert. 

He had completely turned himself into a live breathing cash machine!


I got closer to him and started learning a great deal from him.

He became my mentor and coach.

His information products give you everything he knows without holding anything back.

He was widely known as the Quick Crazy Cash Master.

My financial revolution started when I read his book titled “How to turn yourself into a live breathing cash machine” 

It was a great eye opener for me!

Toyin made everything really simple so that even a dummy could understand. 

The book isn't about business opportunities.

It contains information and strategies that have been tested and proven not just by others but also in his life. 

I call them Nuggets for Financial Freedom.

The part of the book I enjoyed the most was Chapter 2 where he talked about the art of generating cash on demand

This is the type of information school didn't teach us.

It’s about turning you into the kind of person that attracts business opportunities and money making ideas and being able to convert them to cash. 

Toyin literally emptied his underground strategy he's known for into the book. 

Hardcore practical blueprint for anyone who wants to rediscover their financial routes and work towards there they ought to be in life.

I so much cherish the book and read it regularly in order to inspire and position me for money making opportunities in each new month.

If you want to improve your financial capacity, you should get the book and read it this week.


Many people have and will still end their money worries without reading the book. The journey could however be shortened with the opportunity to read a book like this.



You will do yourself so much good if you do not take this book for granted. 

It has really changed my life in various ways and I no longer worry about money issues. 

It's now within your power to end your worry about money and also become a live breathing cash machine.

My frustruations are ended and now I know how to command money at will.

I hope it changes your life too.

Here is where I got mine:

 How To Turn Yourself Into A Live Breathing Cash Machine